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By | January 11, 2019

Over the years I developed a very unhealthy love affair with food. My addiction started when I was very young. I went through quite a lot as a child and I learned quickly that Twinkies and pizza made me feel better then day to day life.

I found food well before I discovered drugs or booze and so many years before those became addictive behaviors for me there was cookies. Now before anyone can say that “Well just don’t eat those foods” I would counter. Would you ever tell a crack addict to stop using crack and just do powder cocaine.

No you would not, Why? Because it would never work. You know this and so do I. The only way for a addict to stop is to stop. The other problem is this that at no time do you need cocaine to exist you can easily go every day of your life without it. You cannot without food.

Thus so my journey begins with experiences that would directly oppose my own past and learning.

I am watching a series of Ted talks online and I come across a video by Dr. Jason Fung, a Nephrologist. He is speaking about the benefits of Intermittent fasting. Nothing hardcore just the benefits of a 16/8 fast and sleeping counts.

For some reason this video has my full attention.

Now currently I am easily well over 450 pounds I am concerned daily about my life and any challenges I may leave people when I die. I had up to this point tried everything, I could just never lose weight. I would always get insanely strong but my waistline would remain. The one thing I never tried was what this Doctor was telling everyone to try just two days a week.

The meal plans were not exclusive or reductionist, they only limited the time allowed to eat. So after some self-reflection I realize that I usually go 12 hours without eating normally. So it is just another 4 hours how hard could that be? Eternity is how long, eternity.

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