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Colorblind man sees girlfriend’s blue eyes for first time during proposal

A colorblind man used a special pair of glasses to see his girlfriend’s blue eyes for the first time after getting down on one knee to propose. Taylor Smith, 31, first realized he was colorblind in his mid-twenties when he failed an online test. The restaurateur, who has been with his partner Michelle Arnold, 33,… Read More »

Does Addiction Rehab Accepts Insurance Coverage such as Blue Shield Insurance?

Blue Cross Blue Protect is an insurance policy coverage that gives several plans for your therapies depending on your condition. Residential Rehab Austin owns 36 overall health insurance firms nationwide, which maintain the Blue Program. They characterised their plans into bronze, gold, silver, and platinum. The strategy that has the inexpensive monthly expenditures but large-priced… Read More »

Does Blue Shield Insurance Cover Addiction Rehab?

Blue Cross Blue Protect is an insurance that delivers numerous ideas for your treatments based on your point out. Recovery Groups Minnesota owns 36 wellness insurance coverage organizations nationwide, which maintain the Blue Method. They categorized their ideas into bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. The program that has the cheapest regular monthly bills yet optimum… Read More »