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The Interracial Couple Emoji Is Finally Here

Following a campaign by the dating app Tinder, emojis representing interracial couples are on the way. This week, Unicode Consortium, the organization behind global emoji standards, released artwork for the new pairings. The 71 new emojis will depict different configurations of race and gender, rather than the generic yellow skin tone which has previously been… Read More »

Any Chance For A Health Insurance Fix? Where The Debate Goes From Here – Forbes

In the wake of Republicans failing to repeal and replace Obamacare and the Democratic takeover of the House, where will the health care debate go from here? No important health care legislation will come out of this gridlocked Congress. But the run-up to the 2020 presidential campaign will produce at least a Democratic health care… Read More »

4 Beauty Treatments That Are Here To Stay

Nowadays there are many ways you can enhance your look, and with social media bringing extra pressure to look perfect, beauty treatments are on the rise. There is no shortage of weird and wonderful treatments. From Miami to Mexico, everyone wants to try out the latest trends. Here’s a look at the latest beauty treatments… Read More »