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Walking vs. Running: Which is Better?

If you are in the look out for an answer on which is better then it all depends on your goal – what you are looking for? If you have 30 minutes to exercise you will burn 187 calories walking 4 mph versus burning 365 calories running at 6mph. Walking may burn more fat for fuel,… Read More »

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Karlie Kloss’ running coach shares his best tips for first-time marathoners

Coach John Honerkamp, who gets celebrities (including Karlie Kloss and Apolo Ohno) marathon-ready, shares his top tips for newbie runners ahead of the 2018 NYC Marathon. Layer up First-timers often underestimate how long they’ll be waiting on Staten Island at the starting line — and how cold it will be. Wear old, warm clothes that… Read More »

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Your First Training Plan for Running

Free Website Content » Health » Fitness Articles TRAINING TO RUN: Everything depends on your level of fitness. Lance Armstrong said running a marathon was the hardest thing he ever did, I’m just happy to finish one. His sub 3 hour marathon equate to my 1/2 marathon time give or take some minutes. The Basics… Read More »

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