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PrEP promotion should be positive

The editors of the Lancet HIV contrast Dr K Rivet Amico and Professor Linda-Gail Bekker’s recommendations with the current state of PrEP policy in England. PrEP is only available through the Impact trial, which has been oversubscribed by gay and bisexual men, with capacity reached in many clinics and potential participants turned away. A proposal to… Read More »

4 Reasons Why You Should Try Marie Kondo’s ‘Declutter’ Method

As if she wasn’t popular enough already, Marie Kondo’s new Netflix show, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, has made the organisation-guru even more accessible, and even more revered. As she goes into the home of normal people to instigate her KonMari methods throughout their cluttered houses, she brings a sense of realism and optimism to the… Read More »