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How blockchain technology will reshape health care – American Medical Association

Blockchain advocates say a breakthrough “killer app” is imminent that will change the business of healthcare as we know it. In the meantime, however, there are at least five practical uses for the technology that permits the distribution of digital information, but not the copying of that information. These include: “Smart” contracts. Contracts automatically go… Read More »

Keeping up with the rapid developments in mobile health technology

Ira Nash, MD | Tech | December 21, 2018 I had the opportunity to participate in a day-long meeting sponsored by the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS). The goal was to help HRS develop recommendations for physicians and industry on providing patients access to information generated by wearable and implantable cardiac electronic devices.  The organizers invited me… Read More »

Artificial Intelligence, China And The U.S. – How The U.S. Is Losing The Technology War

GettyGetty National technology investment strategies are hard to define let alone pass through complicated legislative bodies, like the US Congress, even when there’s a declared war that threatens a country’s financial and economic competitiveness. The war for global leadership in artificial intelligence and machine learning is well underway, and the US is poised to lose perhaps… Read More »