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Woman in her 60s who fell asleep during home cupping therapy woke up with large blisters

Woman wakes up with a ring of pus-filled blisters on her shoulder after falling asleep for 30 minutes during a CUPPING session The unamed woman, of California, used the method after falling over Ancient process works by applying heated cups to the skin to create suction  Athletes and celebrities use it for a variety of… Read More »

Finding Affordable Online Therapy

— It can’t be denied that your mental health is extremely important. With 400 million people in the world being affected with depression, you should never feel along if you too suffer from some kind of mental health issue. Chances are high that there are several others sailing on the same boat. Thinking of treatment… Read More »

Why Therapy Can Be Beneficial for Everyone

If you’ve ever had an issue, experienced intense feelings, or otherwise felt human at some point in your life, you’ve probably wondered, “Should I go talk to someone?” For many of us, the follow up to that initial thought is something like: “But what would talking to someone actually do?” “How is seeing a therapist… Read More »