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Will Your Body Forgive You For These Health Mistakes?

Being young means your body can take just about anything you do to it, right? You might be surprised at which of the stupid things you do to it takes a big toll and what’s not as bad as you thought. Discover three things you can’t get away with for long—and two things you can.… Read More »

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Are Crypto Taxes Giving You A Headache? Keep These Tips In Mind To Make Next Year Go Smoother – Forbes

For many cryptocurrency investors, getting ready to file taxes is nothing short of a nightmare. It’s not unusual to hear from crypto investors who have to spend a hundred hours or more tracking down records of their crypto trades, mining pool payouts, and  miscellaneous transactions.  Many also ended up unexpectedly owing thousands of dollars in tax,… Read More »

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These 3 Ingredient Nutella Truffles Are A Must This XMAS

While we’re all for maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle all year round and embracing the beauty of healthy food swaps, Christmas is a time to give yourself permission to enjoy all the foods you love (within reason) and ditch the guilt. Food blogger and recipe developer, Leah Itsines, is a true believer of this and… Read More »

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